The movement to eliminate racist nicknames, imagery and mascots.

For many, they are nicknames, images and mascots that have always been there. And so, for many, there’s been no reason to think, to really think, about what they mean. But the time has come to think again.

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation is at the forefront of the movement to challenge and change the thinking about racist mascots, images, and nicknames. Like so many others, we are simply asking for the chance to define ourselves by our accomplishments, values and contributions to a modern world. We ask, what other living people are reduced in significance to a picture painted on a helmet?

We get it. You love your school. You’re proud of your team. Deeply. So deeply, that we know this new awareness can’t change that love, or threaten that pride. Change-the-Mascot is, instead, an opportunity to once again be a leader, to do something admirable and to achieve another, historic victory.