Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping and Monitoring

One of our central missions is to identify, preserve and protect archaeological and historical resources. In order to meet the goals of our mission, we use Geographic Information System (GIS) technology designed to capture, store, analyze and manage a variety of data. We store our records on a GIS database, which displays multiple levels of geographic data on map layers, allowing our Tribal Monitors to access this vital information to make informed judgments on projects impacting cultural resources.  

We have created a Tribal Historic Resource Center (THRC) that resembles the California Historical Resources Information System, so we can maintain and monitor all information regarding our archaeological and historic resources. Using the information from our THRC and our elders, we work and partner with numerous federal and state agencies and private developers to protect traditional lands. This is often done in the field with our cultural monitors onsite, making sure that culturally sensitive resources are protected.