It is important for people to take an active role in improving their own circumstances. The Yocha Dehe Community Fund supports organizations helping people make a difference in their own lives, whether this takes the form of job skills training, temporary economic assistance or facilitating access to information services.

The fund has consistently supported many and varied organizations offering services and programs to restore the good health and functioning of individuals and families, especially during times of extraordinary stress. These include programs to: assist with financial needs, such as food banks, computer centers, and job training programs; improve mental health, such as halfway houses and counseling programs; and a focus on family life, such as shelters and social services.

In the past, the fund has supported summer programs for children with special needs, women’s shelters, mental health programs and many other organizations serving the homeless and those in need. The fund will continue to support those organizations in the broader community that actively engage individuals and families in the process of helping themselves.